How many calories are in Folger's coffee?

Answer Folgers coffee has two calories per cup. So does any black coffee without additives, flavored syrup, milk, cream or sugar. Yes, Folgers coffee has only two calories for every eight ounces. Of cours... Read More »

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How is Folgers coffee decaffeinated?

Millions look forward to that morning coffee buzz, courtesy of caffeine. But for those who prefer to drink the unleaded version--or should for health reasons--decaffeinated is widely available. How... Read More »

How much caffeine is in a cup of Folgers coffee?

Caffeine levels in Folgers coffee, or any other brand of coffee, vary widely depending on the coffee source, blend, type and brewing method. In a 2006 University of Florida study, 16 oz. of decaffe... Read More »

Where is Folgers coffee grown?

Folgers® coffee products are made from various blends of Arabica and Robusta beans. Folgers' beans are grown in Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam and sold to the company through dealers and exporters. ... Read More »

Where can i order a case of folgers coffee?

Cases of Folgers coffee are available in ground or individual packet form. Various bulk food venders sell the coffee. You can order it online from websites such as or disco... Read More »