How many calories a day do cats need?

Answer A cat's caloric intake depends on its weight and age. A 5-lb. kitten needs 200 calories, a 10-lb. domestic cat needs 280 calories, and a pregnant or nursing 10-lb. cat needs 603 calories per day.So... Read More »

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How many calories do I need a day to survive?

for how much your supposed to weigh, i would say about 1,200 to survive. Im thinking you are anorexic, so PLEASE get help!

How many calories do i need to be eating a day?

That's not alot. If You work out alot, You need alot of protein and complex carbs. Proteins include meat, eggs, fish, etc. Carbs are from breads and grains. Especially if You're 16, You need to add... Read More »

How many calories does a lion need a day?

Needing a diet tip on how many calories I need

PLease talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about this. One post was enough...please don't continue to post the same thing.we are not medically trained and neither is the internet.