How many calories a day do cats need?

Answer A cat's caloric intake depends on its weight and age. A 5-lb. kitten needs 200 calories, a 10-lb. domestic cat needs 280 calories, and a pregnant or nursing 10-lb. cat needs 603 calories per day.So... Read More »

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Do cats actually "spray" in the corners of the house They are all fixed. But my mom insists that my cats?

Male cats spray even when they are fixed. With that many cats they may feel the need to mark their territory. I had 3 cats and my oldest was a male, wasn't bothered when I brought home a female. 2 ... Read More »

What TV show featured 3 cats a female calico and two male cats one grey and one black as well as a brown dog and a yellow bird?

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Starvation mode vs Calories in and Calories out philosophy?

starvation mode is only if you're eating a dramatically low amount of calories than you need. if you eat less than your BMI by a few hundred (700 max), then its not starvation, unless you're under ... Read More »