How many c-sections can you have when have a double uturis?

Answer After having a C-section they usually recommend no more then 3 babies. There's always a risk that the uterus will burst in the scar. So 3 in each uterus then. The skin on the outside is thicker and... Read More »

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How many c sections can you have before you shouldn't have anymore?

That's a question best reserved for your doctor as it varies from woman to woman. I was my mom's first c-section baby and she had two c-sections after that.

How many sections does an msds have?

An MSDS, or a Material Safety Data Sheet, has 16 sections. The 16 sections consist of the chemical product and company information, composition, hazards, first aid, fire fighting, accidental releas... Read More »

How many body sections do crustaceans have?

A crustacean is a marine arthropod possessing between 16 and 60 body segments that look like rings. The segments combine to form three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen with a hard shell coverin... Read More »

Ive had two c sections then a normal birthdo you have to have a c section if you have another child?

Well, you could request a c-section if you really want it, but otherwise, it will only be performed if labor complications are present