How many bundles are in a square of shingles?

Answer A square of roof shingles is made up of three bundles. Each of these bundles has 29 shingles. This number of shingles is generally enough to roof 100 square feet.

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How many roofing bundles are in a square?

Most commonly, three bundles is enough to cover one square, or 100 square feet, of a roof. However, because bundles are packaged by weight, you may require more bundles if you are installing heavie... Read More »

How many bundles of cedar shakes make a square?

A "square" refers to the amount of shingles or shakes needed to cover 100 square feet of a roof. When calculating the number of bundles of shakes to cover a 100-square-foot area, you must consider ... Read More »

How many square feet will a square of shingles cover?

How many shingles make a square?

Shingles are sold in squares and bundles. A square of shingles has enough to cover 100 square feet of roof. The number of shingles in a square varies according to type: slate, metal, asphalt or cla... Read More »