How many bullies are there in each school?

Answer When I was in school there was at least 2 bullies in each class. Now we have gangs and the number is unknowable and high.

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How Do I Handle Bullies in School?

Bullying is a problem in many schools. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, approximately 50 percent of children have been bullied during their school years. Bullyi... Read More »

Why should bullies get kicked out of school?

Bullies should get kicked out of school because they have no rights to beat up people children and take their belongings.they should be in a special school. Also they should not harm fellow student... Read More »

How to Stop School Bullies?

We've all been bullied before and most of us just had to put up with it, either because we thought we couldn't stand up to the bully or because we didn't want to get in trouble for starting a fight... Read More »

How to Defend Yourself when Threatened by School Bullies?

Sometimes, someone makes fun of you in a bad way or, even worse, tries to intimidate or hit you! What can you do to defend yourself? Read on for some solid help.