How many broken bones have you had?

Answer Nose 7 times, eye socket, jaw, all fingers, most of my ribs, 3 toes, left leg twice.

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How many bones have u broken in ur body?

wrist, fingers, toe.haha i play softball too, and in our championship game a few days ago (which we won, #1 in the league!!) i was pitching and the batter hit a line drive wicked hard straight to m... Read More »

How many bones has Tony Hawk broken?

While he has had many scrapes, sprains, bumps and bruises, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk has only broken one bone in his body during his career--his elbow. Hawk has had two concussions and hi... Read More »

Have you ever broken any bones?

i also broke my arm snowboarding. hahawell i accidently got in this guys way (skiier) and he pushed me and i fell down this HUGE hill and broke my arm. i had a splint for 1 week and a cast for 3. i... Read More »

What bones have you broken?

I had 23 breaks all down my left side when my pal pulled out in front of another car, i was the pasenger and it hit us on my side so hard it ripped my seat from the mountings.I climbed out of the c... Read More »