How many bricks do I need for a patio?

Answer On One Hand: Get only what you needIf you don't want to risk having more materials than you need, carefully measure the area that you want your brick patio to be. Multiply the length by the width t... Read More »

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How many bricks do I need for a 14x14 patio?

A standard brick measures 4 inches by 8 inches, or 32 square inches. A 14-foot-square patio is 28,224 square inches. Divide that figure by 32, and you'll need 882 bricks to complete the project.Sou... Read More »

How many bricks do I need for my house?

When you need bricks for a home, knowing the number required is essential. Researching and calculating the number of bricks can save money and headache when your project begins.How big is your home... Read More »

How many bricks 9cmx9cmx18cm need for 1sqfeet?

Answer 1 Sq-ft is 929 Sq-cm and the top surface of the brick is 162 Sq-cm. If no space is left between the bricks, it takes 5.73 bricks per Sq-foot. If a gap is going to be left between the bricks,... Read More »

Can you paint patio bricks?

Yes, you can paint patio bricks. Look for paint labeled "Porch/Patio." Paint colors come in a variety of colors from "Red Brick Patio" to various shades of gray. You also can create and design your... Read More »