How many branches of forensic science are there?

Answer Forensic science is used in legal matters and can be found in several professional disciplines. Examples of forensic science are forensic chemistry, biology, psychiatry, psychology, engineering, de... Read More »

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How many branches of arm force are there in th US?

There are four branches of the armed forces in the US. They are the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. All of which fall under the Department of Defense. The Coast Guard is sometimes considered a b... Read More »

How many military reserve branches are there?

All branches have a reserve component. The Army and Air Force also have a National Guard.

How many military bases or branches are there?

In the US, there are 3 branches of the Military- Army, Navy, Air Force. The US Marine Corps is a Department of the Navy. The US Coast Guard is part of the Department of Transportation, but in time ... Read More »

How many branches of the military service are there?

Five:United States ArmyUnited States Air ForceUnited States NavyUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Coast Guard