How many boy barbies were made in indonesia in 1968?

Answer Barbie and Ken (boy Barbies) have been made in Indonesia only since 1991. In 1968, Mattel manufactured all Barbie brand dolls in Japan. A doll made in Indonesia recently may be stamped 1968, as tha... Read More »

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How many Barbies were sold in 2007?

By July of 2007, Mattel's sales of the Barbie doll were up to $43.1 million. At a retail price of about $25 per doll, one could estimate that 1.7 million Barbie dolls were sold by mid-2007. The exa... Read More »

What kind of plastic are barbies made of?

Barbies, manufactured by Mattel, are made from polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is a widely used plastic found in a broad range of products such as credit cards, bottles a... Read More »

How many"Air Bud"movies were made?

As of June 2010, there have been nine total "Air Bud" films, including direct sequels as well as spin-offs. The original film and its sequels followed the story of Bud, a golden retriever adept at ... Read More »

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