How many boxes are in a case of shells?

Answer Each case of ammunition contains 10 boxes of varying shell quantities depending on the size. End users may purchase ammunition by the case or box depending on their hunting, sporting or target prac... Read More »

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How to Throw Blue Shells Without Item Boxes in Mario Kart DS?

In "Mario Kart DS," the blue/spiny shell is the most lethal and dangerous shell in the Mario Kart universe. These shells only hit the first-place driver, although it is always a direct hit and ever... Read More »

In the poem She shells sea shells by the sea shore?

it's 'she sells sea shells by the sea shore', not 'she shells sea shells by the sea shore'.

Proceedes from a cookie sale totaled 50.50 on 36 boxes sold some boxes sold for 1.25 and some for 1.50 each how many boxes were sold at 1.25?

You have Direct TV with three receiver boxes Can you take one of your boxes and buy an extra dish and watch programming at another location?

June 1994 - Direct TV was launched March 1996 - Dish Network was launched