How many bottles a day does your 1 year old have ?

Answer Well based on the category you asked in no 1 year olds should not drink at allit will harm them

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What year was beer first sold in bottles?

English brewer Francis Manning-Needham first sold beer in bottles in 1869. The bottle did not take off until it finally outsold draught beer in 1940. Canned beer outsold bottles in 1969 a full 100 ... Read More »

How many water bottles go into landfills each year?

Close to 50 billion water bottles are thrown into landfills in the United States every year rather than being recycled. It will be hundreds of years before these billions of bottles will decompose.... Read More »

How many plastic bottles are made each year?

Roughly 38 billion water bottles are produced each year. This plastic, which is worth about $1 billion dollars, usually ends up in our landfills. About 25 percent of bottled water is just tap water... Read More »

How many plastic bottles are thrown away each year?

Americans throw out an average of 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. This makes 60 million bottles a day--nearly 22 billion a year. Recycling and reusing plastic bottles, as well as drinking w... Read More »