How many best-sellers has Stephen King written?

Answer According to his official website, Stephen King has written 48 novels, six works of nonfiction and nine short-story collections. All of them could technically be considered best-sellers, since all ... Read More »

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How many books has Stephen King sold?

Stephen King is such a wildly popular author in so many countries and languages that it is not possible to exactly calculate the number of books he has sold. Estimates range from 300 million to 350... Read More »

How many books has Stephen King published?

According to Stephen King's official website, he has had six non-fiction books published, 48 fiction books published and eight books published under the name Richard Bachman, for a total of 62 book... Read More »

How many books has Stephen King authored?

Stephen King has authored 62 books as of June, 2010. This includes 48 novels, six non-fiction books and eight Richard Bachman novels. In addition to this number, he has written 14 comic books, one ... Read More »

Does Stephen King have a pen name?

Stephen King has previously used the pen names Richard Bachman and John Swithen. King wrote the stories "Thinner," "The Long Walk," "Roadwork" and several others under the Bachman pseudonym. He wro... Read More »