How many books does the average American read?

Answer A 2007 Associated Press-Ipsos poll about American reading habits showed that the average American read four books during the previous year. The most common types of books among Americans are romanc... Read More »

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How many sticks of gum does the average American chew in a year?

These days, experts say that the average American chomps down on 182 pieces of gum each year. By contrast, people in China chew only about 20 sticks of gum in an average year.Source:International C... Read More »

How many hours does the average American work per week?

According to the findings of a report from the National Sleep Foundation, the average American works 46 hours a week. Nearly 40% of participants in the study reported working more than 50 hours a w... Read More »

How many beers does the average American drink in a lifetime?

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How Many Miles Does the Average American Drive Per Month?

The average American drives about 1,000 miles per month. This comes out to just over 230 miles driven each week, and an annual average of 12,000 miles. Source: Read More »