How many books are published every year?

Answer There are varying estimates of how many books are published throughout the world in any given year. An estimated 175,000 new book titles were issued by the worldwide publishing industry during 2004... Read More »

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How many books are published worldwide each year on average?

According to statistics compiled by Bowker, publisher of Books in Print®, an average of 336,814 books were published worldwide each year from 2002 to 2008. The United States consistently led the w... Read More »

How many books are published annually?

R.R. Bowker, a large bibliographic information management company, reports that book title output in the United States is about 291,920 annually. This includes new titles as well as new editions of... Read More »

How many books has Silverstein published?

The late Shel Silverstein was a popular children's book author, illustrator and songwriter who wrote and published 11 books. His publications included "The Giving Tree," "Where the Sidewalk Ends" a... Read More »

How many books has Stephen King published?

According to Stephen King's official website, he has had six non-fiction books published, 48 fiction books published and eight books published under the name Richard Bachman, for a total of 62 book... Read More »