How many broken bones have you had?

Answer Nose 7 times, eye socket, jaw, all fingers, most of my ribs, 3 toes, left leg twice.

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How many bones have u broken in ur body?

wrist, fingers, toe.haha i play softball too, and in our championship game a few days ago (which we won, #1 in the league!!) i was pitching and the batter hit a line drive wicked hard straight to m... Read More »

How many bones and muscles does a dog have?

On average, dogs have 319 bones in their bodies, but that can change slightly depending on various dogs' tail lengths. Dogs have over 500 muscles. Here, also, variation can occur slightly in diff... Read More »

How many bones does a foot have?

The human foot has 26 bones. The phalanges are the toe bones and the metatarsals are the long bones in the mid-foot. These two types of bones make up 19 of the 26 bones. The other bones make up the... Read More »

How many bones does our body have?

There are 206 bones in the human body. The axial bone skeleton refers to the bones that protect the brain, neck, lungs and heart. The appendicular skeleton are the bones that anchor the appendages ... Read More »