How many bones are in a cat's body?

Answer There are 244 bones in a cat's body, according to 4-H Guidelines on the topic produced by the South Dakota State Uniersity's College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. In comparison, the avera... Read More »

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How many bones are in a baby's body?

Most bones in the body start out as cartilage. Over time they fuse together and harden. Humans are born with more than 300 bones. Bones of the sternum, skull and the lower vertebra will fuse togeth... Read More »

How many bones are in a woman's body?

According to Kids Health, an adult woman's body contains 206 bones. Adult males and females have the same number of bones. Babies are born with approximately 300 bones, some of which fuse together ... Read More »

How many bones are in a shark's body?

Sharks actually do not have any bones in their body, as they belong to the class Chondrichthyes. Instead of having bones, sharks' bodies are supported by a skeleton comprised entirely of soft carti... Read More »

How many named bones are in the body?

The human body has 206 named bones, connective tissues that provide structure to the body. The femur, which is also known as the thigh bone, is the largest bone in the human skeleton. The stirrup b... Read More »