How many bones are in a whale?

Answer There are roughly 84 known types of whale, with varying numbers of bones. As an example, the blue whale has 176 bones, while others have over 200 bones, similar to a human, albeit in larger sizes.S... Read More »

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How many teeth do whale sharks have?

The whale shark has 3,000 small teeth, according to Enchanted Learning. The shark does not use its teeth for eating. Instead, the shark feeds primarily by filtering small organisms out of the water... Read More »

How many bones are in the jaw?

Two bones make up the human jaw: the mandible, or lower jaw, and the maxilla, or upper jaw, according to The maxilla serves as the framework for many facial muscles, but only the mand... Read More »

How many bones are in your ear?

Do you mean the three tiny ones? The incus, stapes, and malleus also known as the hammer. The outer part of your ear is cartilage, not bone, and your cochlea (the snail-shaped thing) is also, not a... Read More »

How many bones are in a puppy?

Puppies are born with the same number of bones they have as adult dogs. The skeleton of a puppy includes growth plates, which are soft areas of bone that begin to harden when mature. There are 318 ... Read More »