How many bones are in a sea lion's body?

Answer A sea lion has 243 bones. Some male sea lions can be up to 11 feet long and weigh 2,200 pounds, while some females grow up to 9 feet long and can weigh 600 pounds.Source:WSU Beach Watchers: Salty t... Read More »

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How many hungry lions would Oprah Winfreys body feed?

How many bones&muscles are in a body?

There are 206 bones and more than 650 named muscles in the human body. The smallest bone is located in the ear and is called the stirrup bone. The largest bone in the human body is called the femur... Read More »

How many bones are in a wolf's body?

Like its cousin the domestic dog, the wolf has between 315 and 320 bones in its body, which is about 100 more than an adult human. Among the differences is that a male wolf has a hollow bone in its... Read More »

How many bones are in the whole body?

The human body has 206 bones, which fall into the categories of long, short, flat or irregular. They may comprise compact or spongy tissue, though most of the 206 bones incorporate both tissue type... Read More »