How many body parts does a leaf insect have?

Answer Leaf insects (belonging to the order Phasmida, along with stick insects), like all insects, have three body segments or parts. The head contains the eyes, mouthparts and antennae, the thorax attach... Read More »

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Does chocolate contain rodent hair and insect body parts?

possible in minute quantities but no more then anything else

Three parts of an insect?

head, turso, stomachHead, Thorax (where the legs come out), and Abdomen (houses digestive parts and reproductive parts)

What Are Two Ways That Insect Mouth Parts Are Used?

Insect mouths fit into two basic categories: those designed for chewing and those designed for sucking. The mouth of each insect is adapted to facilitate what it sucks (plant sap, blood) or what it... Read More »

What Are the Parts of a Leaf for Children?

The study of science is important for children to learn. It opens the their eyes to see how the world works around them. Leaves are a common natural element that children see everyday and it can be... Read More »