How many boards are needed for a shadow-box fence?

Answer A standard 6-foot shadow-box fence consists of 16 1-by-6-inch dog-eared fence boards. Each section is secured with two 4-by-4-inch posts set into the ground 2 feet and 3 inches deep, using concret... Read More »

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How far apart should fence boards be?

How far apart the boards should be depends how tall the fence is, and how many boards you are putting up. Install your top board using a level and then do the same thing for the bottom board. The... Read More »

What is the name of the tool(s) needed to repair the boards of a wooden table?

You’ve ruled it out, but I wish you were describing a hand plane. Some high quality hand planes can be adjusted to remove a strip of wood so paper-thin that you can see through it. As a bonus, ... Read More »

Suggestions needed for a fence ....?

Use picket fencing, but alternate the slats inside/outside. This will allow the dogs to peek through, reduce wind resistance and make the fence a bit more attractive than plain picket.

How many pickets are needed for a fence?

Only two pickets are needed to start a fence. The number of pickets you'll need to fence the area you want to enclose depends on how long the perimeter of the desired fence will be. Pickets are usu... Read More »