How many boards are needed for a shadow-box fence?

Answer A standard 6-foot shadow-box fence consists of 16 1-by-6-inch dog-eared fence boards. Each section is secured with two 4-by-4-inch posts set into the ground 2 feet and 3 inches deep, using concret... Read More »

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How many pickets are needed for a fence?

Only two pickets are needed to start a fence. The number of pickets you'll need to fence the area you want to enclose depends on how long the perimeter of the desired fence will be. Pickets are usu... Read More »

How many posts are needed for 100 feet of fence?

To build 100 feet of fence, you will need between 13 and 17 posts. Add a couple extra posts to these numbers if possible for mistakes. The variation is whether you decide to space your posts 6 or... Read More »

How many gallons are needed to paint a fence?

You can paint about 350 square feet with 1 gallon of paint. Multiply the length and width of your fence to find the total square footage.SourcePaint for Dummies

How many posts are needed for a 50-foot wire fence?

The number of posts you need for a fence really depends on the weight of the wire. But, as a general guide, consider what the University of Missouri's Department of Agriculture recommends: posts 15... Read More »