How many board feet of lumber does it take to build a house?

Answer Different-sized houses will require different amounts of lumber. A board foot is calculated as 12-inches square by 1-inch thickness. To build a 1,800 square-foot house, you'd need 10,000 board feet... Read More »

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How to Figure Board Feet in Raw Lumber?

Board feet refers to the unit of measure applied to determine the volume of lumber. One board foot is equivalent to the volume of a piece of board that is 1-foot long, 1-foot wide and 1-inch thick,... Read More »

Lumber - How do you calculate board feet?

Answer Though "board foot" sounds a measurement of area it is actually a measurement of volume. 1 board foot equals 144 cubic inches of wood. Length x Width x Thickness = Board Feet Therefore a ... Read More »

How to Determine the Board Feet of Lumber in a Tree?

Determining the amount of usable lumber in a tree is a key concern prior to any timber removal. If there is a specific project calling for a certain amount of wood, you'll need to know how many tre... Read More »

How do I Calculate Board Feet for Rough Lumber?

A board foot is defined as "the nominal quantity of lumber derived from a piece of rough green lumber 1 inch thick and 1 foot wide by 1 foot long," according to the Canadian Wood Council. To calcul... Read More »