How may blades of grass are there in an acre?

Answer 473,985,875,213,636.

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How Many blades of Grass are on an Average Lawn?

The Environmental Protection Agency gives the size of the ‘average’ sized lawn in the United States as about one-fifth of an acre (8,712 square feet).Since the average square inch of a properly... Read More »

How many grass blades grow from one seed?

Each seed produces a single grass blade initially, then develops into a clump. The type of seed, high-end or less expensive, will have a direct effect on the size of the clump resulting from a sing... Read More »

How many blades of grass are in one square inch?

The number of blades of grass per inch varies greatly. As an average, there are approximately 320 blades per inch of grass. This number may be lower or higher depending on the kind of grass, since ... Read More »

Brown Spots on Grass Blades?

It can be is sometimes very difficult to determine the cause of brown spots on blades of grass. Disease, insects and improper care can cause brown spots on the individual blades of grass. Overfert... Read More »