How many black people live in Africa?

Answer The "New Encyclopedia of Africa," by John Middleton, shows Sub-Saharan Africa's 2005 population at 698 million. By 2010, 730 to 780 million Africans might identify themselves as Black. No reliable ... Read More »

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How many people live in West Africa?

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, there were approximately 300 million people living in West Africa in 2006. This is 4.6 percent of the population of the Eart... Read More »

How many black or African people live in France?

It is illegal in France to take a government census based on race or religion, but a marketing firm called Solis estimated the country's population of ethnic minorities. They came up with 3.2 milli... Read More »

How many people in Africa die from malaria?

The World Health Organization reports that in 2008, of the approximately 863,000 global malaria deaths, about 767,000 occurred in Africa. Further, WHO estimates that African nations account for 85%... Read More »

How many people in Africa speak Arabic?

There are several places in Africa where Arabic is an official language, including Algeria with 20,000,000 speakers, Egypt with 50,000,000, Libya with 3,500,000, the Sudan with 10,000,000 and Tunis... Read More »