Who were the earliest black people to come to North America?

Answer In August of 1619, a Dutch ship that included 20 Africans landed at the Jamestown colony on the Virginia coast. The exact status of the Africans is unclear, but records indicate most of them were i... Read More »

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When were voting rights given to black people in america?

Black Americans were officially given the right to vote by the 15th Amendment of the Constitution, which was ratified Feb. 3, 1870. However, blacks were continually disenfranchised for years after ... Read More »

Is Hip Hop black music that black people dont listen to anymore?

I think you have a "few" racial hangups. You are trying to add music to the new sterotype of racial hangups. It just doesn't work. If you look at the number of "white" undergroud rappers there a... Read More »

The Best Black Colleges in America?

Black colleges, more commonly referred to as "historically black colleges," have been in existence since the 19th century. Currently numbering 105 in the United States, these colleges offer higher ... Read More »

Do black celebrities look like typical Black people?

Celebrities of any race typically don't look like normal every day people. Their in another league.