How many million is a trillion?

Answer A trillion is made up of 1 million millions, or 1,000 billions. One trillion expressed in Arabic numbers--1,000,000,000,000--contains 12 zeros, with each group of three zeros (from right to left) r... Read More »

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How many millions make a trillion?

There are 1 million millions in 1 trillion. If you divide 1 trillion by 1 million you get 1 million, which means there are 1 million groups of 1 million in 1 trillion.

Do credit card companies make billions on fines and fees alone?

Credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express do not make money from late fees and fines--they make their money by charging merchants a small per-transaction fee. However, the... Read More »

Why is it bush can spend billions on war but our medical insurance and hospital bills are rediculously high?

And how do you figure the government is responsible for what hospitals charge for their services?How do you figure the government is responsible for what insurance companies charge for premiums?

Billions spent on upgrading the West Coast Main Line,all new trains,and they are still late.Why?

I have access to Networkrail T.R.U.S.T computer system.On it you can see all the different types of delays that happen during the day.The amount of different types of delays that happen on the rail... Read More »