How many bikers were at the Harley 105th anniversary?

Answer Harley-Davidson USA celebrated its 105th anniversary in September 2008 near Milwaukee, Wis. The party, which happened on Labor Day weekend, lasted four days. Police estimated the crowd at between 1... Read More »

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Bikers wave....harley davison...?

I've been riding Harleys for 38 years. The harley riders who won't wave back because of the kind of bike you prefer to ride are in my mind arrogant knuckleheads, Before I could afford a Harley I ro... Read More »

BIKERS Do you nod at other bikers, or don't you bother?

I wave at everyone! To such an extent, when I'm packin' the wife I get in trouble for sticking my arm out when we're deep in a curve at say sixty plus. When I started riding I was 19 years old in S... Read More »

ALL bikers and non-bikers please read?

I've wondered the same Mr. 955! A very good question and still in step with times. I ride a Harley not because of the Made In The USA banner, but chose it becuase of the history, nostalgia, mystiq... Read More »

What wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary?

A couple celebrates their golden anniversary when they've reached the milestone of being married for 50 years. The traditional gift for a couple celebrating their golden anniversary is an object ma... Read More »