How many beers until you hit the floor?

Answer Maybe 9-10, depends how much I've eaten.

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How many beers until you stop?

2 or 3. any after that I would not be myself and could get sick.

How long until a hardwood floor is dry?

Drying time for hardwood floors depends on what type of sealant is applied as well as ambient air temperature and humidity. Water-based polyurethane takes four to six hours, while oil-based is long... Read More »

How many beers are in a keg?

A U.S. half-barrel keg, the standard-sized beer keg that is a staple at parties, holds 15 1/2 gallons. This is the equivalent of 165 12-oz. beer cans, which is about 6.8 cases, or 124 16-oz. (pint)... Read More »

How many beers are in a quarter keg?

A quarter keg contains 992 ounces, which is 82.66 12-ounce beers or 62 pints.SourceReal Beer Keg Facts