How many beers like bud light should i drink to get just a little tipsy?

Answer That depends on a lot of things; like your size, how tired you are, or what you've had to eat that day. Go here to estimate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) pr... Read More »

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Will a 8-pack of 8% beers get me drunk or just tipsy?

There's a decent chance if you drink them all yourself. Everyone has their own tolerance.8 beers for me is maybe a little tipsy, not drunk, but for others (one of my friends for example) 4-5 beers ... Read More »

I wanna get tipsy (no barfing).... What should I drink & how much of it?

no more than 1-2 drinks per hour or you will get more than "tipsy"

My husband likes to drink until tipsy/drunk nearly every weekend. Does he have a problem?

You think he changes who he is, his tendencies, his preferences simply by going to work? You think it is nearly every weekend? or could it be every weekend? Man will not change until he realizes th... Read More »

If i drink 25 beers a day, is it good or bad for me?

I drink 30 beers in a hour last weekend but thats beside the point. Just work out during the day and eat right and you will be fine, then you will die when everyone else does. around 77 years of age.