How many beers do you drink on a weekend?

Answer Depends.. what's a goin on.. how hot it is.. Say ,, there's nothing goin on and it's hot.. A case(24) + I LOVE BEER!!!

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Would it be a bad idea for me to drink 2 beers?

Yes it is safe to have a beer or two. As for the anxiety see a medical professional and perhaps it can be tamed with counseling and/or medication. No need to go through life with that damn conditio... Read More »

Is it better to drink two beers or two sodas?

Soda has more sugar and more calories. Nutritionally, beer is better for you. Your best bet is water. Juice, vitimin water, and milk are good options, too. If you drink tap water you'll definitely ... Read More »

If i drink 10x 4% beers, how much ml is this in 40% vodka?

It is equal to 440mL of vodka0.04 x 440mL = 17.6mL17.6 x 10 = 1760.4 x 440mL = 176mLOr just look at the problem. The beers are 4% the vodka is 40%, so the vodka is 10x stronger. You drink 10 440mL ... Read More »

If i drink 25 beers a day, is it good or bad for me?

I drink 30 beers in a hour last weekend but thats beside the point. Just work out during the day and eat right and you will be fine, then you will die when everyone else does. around 77 years of age.