How many km would 1 hour of non-stop power walking cover?

Answer The distance is easy: if you walk 6 km per hour you'll cover 6 kilometers in an hour by definition. Calories burned is a little more complicated but if you estimate 100 calories per km you'll be f... Read More »

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How many beers are in a keg?

A U.S. half-barrel keg, the standard-sized beer keg that is a staple at parties, holds 15 1/2 gallons. This is the equivalent of 165 12-oz. beer cans, which is about 6.8 cases, or 124 16-oz. (pint)... Read More »

How to Make a Power Hour CD?

Power hour is a drinking game in which every participant takes one shot of beer every minute for a full hour. Keeping track of time becomes difficult during this game, unless someone is constantly ... Read More »

How many beers are in a mini keg?

A mini-keg can hold around 1.32 gallons of beer, which is equal to approximately 14 12 oz. cans of beer (average size), or about 10 1/2 pints of beer. A typical keg is considerably larger, containi... Read More »

How many beers are in a quarter keg?

A quarter keg contains 992 ounces, which is 82.66 12-ounce beers or 62 pints.SourceReal Beer Keg Facts