How many beer drinkers truly love beer and how many are just bandwagon jumpers?

Answer Wow sorry to hear that. I am an A!! I love Beer, I love to try new beers and I love to just taste beer. I dont really drink beer to get drunk I drink for the taste. There are so many types. I say ... Read More »

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How many cases of beer cans are equivalent to a beer keg?

A keg by U.S. specifications holds 1984.0 ounces of beer. A case of beer with 24 twelve ounce cans contains 288 ounces of beer. With those numbers it would take 6.89 cases of beer to equal the am... Read More »

How many cases of beer are in a keg?

According to the San Francisco Brewing Company, there are 6.9 cases of beer in a full keg. A half keg contains 3.2 cases, while a quarter keg packs 1.6 cases. Another way to look at it is that a fu... Read More »

How many cups of beer in a keg?

A standard U.S. half-barrel beer keg holds 1,984 ounces. One cup equals 8 ounces, so a beer keg holds 248 cups of beer. To calculate the number of servings for a different cup size, divide 1,984 by... Read More »

How many cans of beer are in a keg?

Kegs of beer are typically sold in a half-keg size, which contain 15.5 gallons, and a quarter-keg size, which contain 7.75 gallons. A standard-size can of beer holds 12 oz. Since there are 128 oz i... Read More »