How many beats per minute would a 4/4 time equal?

Answer A 4/4 time signature means that there are four quarter note beats per measure. The tempo is how fast a song is played. Time signatures do not determine the pace of the song. A quick tempo such as A... Read More »

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How many beats per minute is a normal pulse?

"Normal" is defined as a heart rate between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Less than 60 beats per minute is bradycardia (low heart rate), more than 100 beats per minute is tachycardia (rapid heart ra... Read More »

Why would your baby's heartbeat be 170 beats per minute when you are 13 weeks pregnant?

Answer 170 is a little higher than normal at 13 weeks of pregnancy but you may have had a raised pulse yourself because of infection or nervousness.Actually this is not true. It is very normal for ... Read More »

How many beats does a heart beat a minute?

Depends on the heart and the circumstances. There is no one "correct answer."Average resting bpm (beats per minute) for an average person, however, is from 50-100 bpm, usually hovering right around... Read More »

How to Set the Beats Per Minute On An Alesis SR 16?

The Alesis SR-16 is a fully-programmable handheld drum machine with recording features and analogue and digital outputs. In addition, the SR-16 contains a library of drum patters that you can incor... Read More »