How many battery cells are needed for an electric motorcycle?

Answer Different types of electric motorcycles require different numbers of battery cells, and the voltage requirement in each cell may also vary. For example, an MK II electric motorcycle requires four d... Read More »

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How many parent cells are needed for asexual reproduction?

Only one parent cell is needed for asexual reproduction, according to BioTopics. Single-celled organisms, such as bacteria, reproduce asexually by a process called binary fission. This means that t... Read More »

How many cells are in a lead acid car battery?

The number of cells in lead acid car battery depends on the battery voltage. Each cell has a "nominal voltage" of 2 volts. The cells are in series, and they add up to make the total voltage, so six... Read More »

I want Excel to count how many cells contains "A" and how many "c" are under cells that contain "A"?

one solution could be this:The cells that contain a and c are in column Aexample of data:abcbadbcbcabbdcdaccdbthen in column B , cell b1 insert the formula:=IF(NOT(ISERROR(SEARCH("a";A1)));1;"")and... Read More »

How many volts is a typical motorcycle battery?

Nearly all modern motorcycles are equipped with a 12-volt battery to power their electrical and ignition systems. However, some motorcycles built before 1974 may operate on a low-powered 6-volt bat... Read More »