How many bathroom a condomium have?

Answer There is no standard number. At least one.

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I seem to have clogged pipes in my bathroom from eating too many bran muffins. Do you have any suggestions?

How many colors can you have in a bathroom?

On One Hand: No Less Than ThreeAccording to Pioneer Thinking, you should not have less than three colors in a bathroom. The design palette should have a lighter color or a neutral, a medium color i... Read More »

How many bathroom stalls is standard in an office bathroom?

The correct answer is three, as set forth in the United States Handbook Relating to Bathroom (and Other) Stalls

My have eaten so many bran muffins, I need to build a new bathroom?

yer looking at at least 5000.00 honey. Of course, if you insist on that turbo toilet (model number 960 in the home depot) you'll have to add another 1500.00.;)