How many bat houses should one put up?

Answer Bats are nocturnal animals that seek shelter during the daytime. Suburban and urban development have decreased the number of natural places that bats can roost. The number of bat houses you choose ... Read More »

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Why are older houses generally creepier than newer houses?

Good question.Here are my theories as to why older houses are scarier than newer houses:1) Considering that the house is older, the flooring isn't as stable, so it creaks when you walk. At night, w... Read More »

How many houses are affected by termites?

Termites infest an estimated one in every 30 homes in the United States annually, according to Terminix. That estimate amounts to about 2 million structures, the company says. According to the Ohio... Read More »

How many houses can a windmill power?

A standard windmill can power about 250 homes. In 2010, an average windmill puts out 1.5 megawatts (MW) of power at its maximum. Because wind doesn't blow steadily, a windmill delivers 25 percent o... Read More »

How many light houses are in michigan?

Michigan's Great Lakes shoreline is home to 198 lighthouses, 116 of which are still open. Many are under federal ownership, and 26 are open to the public. Michigan has the most lighthouses of any... Read More »