How many bananas do you have to eat every day to make it healthy?

Answer 3 is fine but if you have disease regarding lacking of potassium you might need 5 bananas a day. Do not eat too much because it may inrease your potassium level and may cause constipation and may l... Read More »

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How many bananas is a healthy amount to eat a week?

After Reading this, you will NEVER look at a banana in the same way again! Bananas Contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucosecombined with fiber, a banana gives an instant, sustai... Read More »

Are bananas healthy for one with high blood pressure?

On One Hand: Bananas and PotassiumAccording to the American Heart Association, "a diet that includes natural sources of potassium is important in controlling blood pressure because potassium blunts... Read More »

Do shampoos make your hair healthy, or just "look" healthy?

It actually does make your hair healthy and look healthy. Like for me, i had damaged dry frizzy hair and i didn't really look at shampoo and conditioner good. Like i didn't really care what it does... Read More »

How to Make Barbecued Bananas?

This is really easy but incredibly delicious. This will serve four persons, one banana per person.