How many balls are used in a game of billiards?

Answer The number of balls used in billiards depends on the game being played. In eight-ball pool, 15 numbered balls and the cue ball are used. In nine-ball, nine numbered balls plus the cue ball are used... Read More »

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How many balls are in a game of billiards?

Traditionally, the game of billiards is played with three balls: one red and two white. However, the word "billiards" has become associated with a variety of games, including pool, which is played ... Read More »

How many balls are used during a baseball game?

According to Major League Baseball, five to six dozen baseballs are used in an average game. When you extrapolate that figure for a full season, it amounts to roughly 160,000 balls.Source:Seattle P... Read More »

How many balls are used in a game of snooker?

22 balls are used in a game of snooker. Unmarked, solid red balls called "reds" make up 15 of the 22 balls. Six balls of various solid colors (called "colors") and a white cue ball make up the rema... Read More »

How many game balls were used at the 2007 Super Bowl?

At Super Bowl XLI, which was played Feb. 4, 2007, 72 Wilson footballs were used during the game between the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. The Colts defeated the Bears, 29-17.References:Wils... Read More »