How many balloons does it take to lift a person?

Answer Helium is the lighter-than-air gas typically used in balloons, and it has a lifting force of about 0.03 lbs. for one 12-inch diameter balloon. Divide 100 lbs. by 0.03 lbs. to get 3,333 balloons nee... Read More »

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How many helium balloons does it take to lift one pound?

It would take 15 cubic feet of helium or two helium balloons to lift a pound. Air weighs .078 pounds per cubic foot and helium weighs .011 pounds per cubic foot. A helium balloon rises equal to the... Read More »

Can one person use a Hoyer Lift?

While instructions for a Hoyer Lift may not advise against one person's using it, medical institutions and nursing centers generally forbid the operation of a Hoyer Lift by one person. Policies for... Read More »

Who would be the worst person to be trapped in a lift with?

Worst:David& Victoria Beckham, they've the most boring voices ever!!!Jeremy Clarkson: annoying!!!Naomi Campbell: Scary!!!Jade Goody: annoying!!!Barry Scott: enough said!!!Best:Kiefer SutherlandDavi... Read More »

How many vacuum cleaners are needed to lift a person?

The vacuum cleaner uses suction to pick things up off the ground