How many bags can be checked at the airport?

Answer The number of bags that can be checked at an airport varies from airport to airport. Some airports allow for two bags, while others allow one bag and a carry-on bag. When making travel plans, it wo... Read More »

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Airline Rules for Checked Bags?

The same general rules for checked bags apply to each airline, but there are some differences in international travel. You will want to check with your airline to be certain you understand their lu... Read More »

Who can i contact to resolve theft of my jewelery from my checked in bags?

Are cell phones allowed to be in checked luggage at an airport?

Cell phone are allowed in checked-in luggage at the airport. However, many airlines suggest that you keep such valuable items in your carry-on luggage to prevent the possibility of loss or theft.Re... Read More »

What percent of people get their carry-on bags checked when going through airline security?

For the security of airport employees and passengers, the exact formula or method the Transportation Security Administration uses to determine which passengers are screened is not common knowledge.... Read More »