How many babies were thrownaway in the 1990's?

Answer It's a crime throwing your baby away after birth so I doubt, and hope, anyone did.

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How many Summer Olympics were held during the 1990s?

Two separate Summer Olympic Games occurred during the decade of the 1990s. The first was in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992, while the second Summer Olympics of that decade occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, ... Read More »

How many babies were born in 2007?

AnswerThe theory is that every second 2 babies are born, and every second one person dies

How many babies were adopted in US in 2008?

How many babies were given up for adoption?

That depends on the year, month, day etc. Are you wanting to know how many for this year only? If so then visit Adoption Crossroads, a site owned and operated by Joe Soll, he has a running tally of... Read More »