How many babies were born in Japan in 2009?

Answer 5,889,574,235,612,445,687,506

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How many babies born every minute in japan?

not many as they can only have one child in the cit or two children in the country because of there population

How many babies born in the UK 2009?

There were roughly 791,000 babies born in the UK in 2009.

How many babies born US 2009 so far?

You just cant say, "About Millions" what good would that do? If you really want to know, it is, "1,263,666". So whoever pit about millions, hit me up @ 313-568-2996. 'cause you do not need to be on... Read More »

How many babies at one time were born?

8 is the record but in 1912 there was a set of 9 babies born all alive but back then there was no medical tech. they sadly died at 2 days of life.. there is also living breathing septuplets.. McCau... Read More »