How many babies have died of Swine Flu?

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How Many People Died In The *US* from the Swine Flu?

I have seen one case of a mexican child who died in texas.Last year 36000 people in the US died from the regular flu. What's the hype over the swine flu?

Why are so many people so scared of the swine flu when it can be easily treated and NO ONE in the US has died?

Im sick of hearing about it...its about common sense...and seeing I work in a pharmacy--Im going to have all these psycho people freaking out b/c EVERYONE is talking about it 24/7...its driving me ... Read More »

How many babies can you have on babies first steps ds game?

You can have 1 baby per game. If you finish the game you get another baby.

How many people have had swine flu?

Since the daily and weekly counts required by the CDC, WHO, and national health departments of most nations have stopped after the pandemic was declared over, there is no way to know how many, espe... Read More »