How long does it take for wall paint to dry?

Answer Drying time can vary depending on the paint manufacturer, but on average latex wall paint is dry to the touch after one hour in a room heated at 77 degrees F. Manufacturers may recommend one to fou... Read More »

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How many gallons of paint does it take to paint a small truck?

The amount of paint needed to paint a small truck varies, but in most cases it will only take about 2 gallons to cover the entire surface of the truck and apply any touch-ups or adjustments to the ... Read More »

How many gallons of paint does it take to cover the outside surface of the White House?

It takes 570 gallons of paint to coat the exterior of the White House. This includes the body of the house and the trim. The paint color used is called Whisper White and it is believed to be a low-... Read More »

How many pounds can magnetic paint hold on a wall?

The weight that magnetic paint can hold is better measured in ounces, rather than pounds. Magnetic paint is typically capable of holding small, lightweight magnets--particularly neodymium or rare e... Read More »

How many men did it take to build the Great Wall of China?

Building the Great Wall of China was no simple feat. It took more than 2,000 years to finish. More than 3 million men worked on the Great Wall. At one point, one out of every three men in China was... Read More »