How many babies does a pug have in a litter?

Answer for the first tiime about 12 then it will be 4 less

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How many babies does a rabbit have in one litter?

Rabbits are commonly thought to be rodents,, but they are actually lagomorphs. They reach sexual maturity at around 3 months of age. The size of a rabbit's litter can range from four to 12 kits.Sou... Read More »

How many puppies does a pug usually have in a litter?

Pug litters average four to five puppies, but your pug may have more or less depending on age, hereditary factors and health of your pug. Many pugs require Caesarean-sections because their heads ar... Read More »

How many babies does an emu have at a time?

Emus lay eggs in a group known as a clutch. A typical clutch can range from 5 to 15 eggs. Each emu can lay up to three clutches per season if the weather is favorable and there is an abundance of f... Read More »

How many babies does a cat usually have?

Cats between the ages 1 1/2 and 8 years old have an average of three to four baby cats per litter and can have two to three litters per year, but can have as few as one kitten or as many as 15 kitt... Read More »