How many babies do aquarium snails have?

Answer Apple snails, a popular type of aquarium snail, can lay a clutch of between 50 and 200 eggs every four to seven days during mating. For apple snails, mating occurs when there's a rise in water temp... Read More »

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How to Kill Snails in an Aquarium?

Unwanted snails in your aquarium can take over a tank within just a few weeks. While a few large snails of specific breeds can be beneficial in cleaning up waste and oxygenating your aquarium's gra... Read More »

Can snails be in the same aquarium with a betta?

Betta fish in the wild have a varied diet consisting of plants, insects and their larva. Most betta fish will eat small snails just as they would a small insect. Larger snails, such as apple and my... Read More »

Do aquarium snails lay eggs?

The most common aquarium snails, gilled snails, reproduce quickly and commonly overpopulate an aquarium. Most lay eggs in groups attached to submerged items, however, some snails lay their eggs ab... Read More »

How to Soak Aquarium Plants for Snails?

Live aquarium plants enhance both the beauty and health of an aquarium by adding valuable oxygen to the water while soaking up harmful chemicals and ammonia. Unfortunately, aquatic pest snails, suc... Read More »