How many babies die of congential heart defect?

Answer A baby born at less than 27 weeks with a weight of 800 grams or less.

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Does anyone know whether or not Zoloft is the cause of heart defect in babies?

Sorry to read about your baby. The safety of Zoloft during pregnancy is not established. Better get second opinion.

ASD heart defect 10 points?

Hello,There are two types of ASD, the "secundun" and "primum" types. Presumably you have the ostium secundum type, which presents later and is the less serious.Without wanting to minimise your pro... Read More »

Question about heart defect please answer?

You are not going to die during surgery. Worldwide, many thousands of people have this sort of surgery every single day without a problem. It'll not be any different for you. I promise. These days ... Read More »

Heart Defect hereditary, what is this called?

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy includes a group of heart disorders in which the walls of the ventricles thicken (hypertrophy) and become stiff, even though the workload of the heart is not increased.H... Read More »