How many babies did melamine kill?

Answer In 2008 tainted formula was responsible for the illness of 300,000 or more infants in China. The formula was tainted with melamine, a substance often found in plastic and fertilizer. The goverment ... Read More »

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How many babies can you have on babies first steps ds game?

You can have 1 baby per game. If you finish the game you get another baby.

Why do some mothers kill their babies?

Well this is really a complex question sometimes it is totally accidental and other time the mothers are just cruel and terrible. But in some cases the mother may have a mental condition that cause... Read More »

How many babies are born in NYC?

BNG: Babies of many countries!?

1) James Harrison Clarke…2) Kamilah Jenny Clarke ( kamilah means: "perfect", my moms name is Jenny & her nickname will be mila. Kamilah is pronounced : kuh... Read More »