Does a circle have a line of symmetry?

Answer A line of symmetry divides a figure into halves that mirror each other. A circle has an infinite number of symmetry lines. This is because the distance from any point along the circumference, passi... Read More »

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How many lines of symmetry does an oval shape have?

A line of symmetry refers to a line that divides a shape into two mirror images. Ovals have two lines of symmetry, a vertical line and a horizontal line. Shapes that have lines of symmetry are refe... Read More »

Is it True a Circle Has All Three Types of Symmetry?

Symmetry is an essential concept in mathematics. It deals with the graphs of mathematical equations and the position of their points in correlation to a set of perpendicular axes. Circles are perfe... Read More »

How many angles does a circle have?

A circle has infinite possible angles. You can form an angle in a circle by using three points: the center of the circle and any two points along the circle's circumference. Since you can plot infi... Read More »

How to Have Two Secondary Axes on Excel 2007?

Creating a chart in Microsoft Excel is a great way to show data in a way that is easy to understand and visually interesting. Users also can create multiple axes on a 2D chart to help make presenta... Read More »