How many sulfur atoms are there?

Answer There are 24 different known sulfur atoms. This includes four stable atoms and 20 unstable atomic configurations. These unstable sulfur atoms decay at different rates--some take a few seconds, whil... Read More »

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How many different atoms are there?

Each element has a unique atom; atoms combine to make molecules and compounds. As of November 2009, the Periodic Table of the Elements lists 118 elements including alkaline earth metals, transition... Read More »

How many atoms are there in a DNA molecule?

DNA has 23 pairs of chromosomes, comprising about 6 billion neucleotides. The neucleotides are made up of guanine, adenine, cytosine and thymine. Each neucleotide has approximately 34 atoms. Theref... Read More »

How many actual Stargates are there in the Stargate Universe?

There are 39 symbols on the stargate (one being the point of origin) and you cant enter the same symbol twice, so the sum is 38*37*36*35*34*33 which is 1,987,690,320 possible gate addresses in the ... Read More »

How many atoms are there in a sulphur molecule?

Although sulfur forms many different chemical compounds with other elements, molecular sulfur in the solid state usually exists as S8. This means that one molecule of pure sulfur is made of eight s... Read More »