How many atoms are in a water molecule?

Answer Water covers 70 percent of the earth's surface. The chemical formula for water is H2O. This means that every molecule of water has a total of three atoms--two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen atom... Read More »

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How many total atoms are there in one water molecule?

There are three atoms in one water molecule: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The unique "hydrogen bonding" properties of the water molecule allow bonds to shift between molecules in water a... Read More »

How many atoms are in an H2O molecule?

Chemical formulas tell us the atoms contained in a molecule. In the case of a water molecule--Hâ‚‚O--the Hâ‚‚ indicates two atoms of hydrogen, and the O represents one atom of oxygen. Thus, Hâ‚‚O c... Read More »

How many sulfur atoms are in a molecule?

If sulfur is part of a molecule, for example sulfuric acid or H2SO4, then it has two hydrogen, one sulfur and four oxygen atoms, making seven atoms in total. But sulfur in its pure form is not a mo... Read More »

How many atoms are in a molecule of helium?

Helium is monatomic. This means that only one helium atom makes up a single molecule. Helium is one of the six noble gases that are monatomic. The other noble gases are neon, argon, krypton, xenon ... Read More »